Check-Out Times:

  • Campsite: 12:00pm (Noon)
  • Lodging:  11:00am

Late Check-Outs:  You must vacate your campsite, or lodging unit at the above Check-Out times. You can purchase a Day-Use Pass for $25/reservation and stay until 10:00pm.

Site Occupancy: One (1) RV or Tent is allowed per campsite. All RV & Tents sites allow for a maximum of six (6) persons, per site.

Bicycle Helmets are required for ALL children ages 14 and under (per NYS law). Helmets are available to borrow from the office with a $5 deposit.

Golf Carts may be operated by licensed drivers only. Maximum capacity is 5; all passengers must be seated; absolutely no riding on bumpers, tailgates or windshields.

Equipment Rentals:  Golf Cart, Paddle and John Boat rentals are available on a 1st come / 1st served basis. We encourage you to reserve a Golf Cart prior to your arrival to ensure it is available for your visit.

Water Park Facilities: Occasionally, due to weather or other events beyond our control, we have to close the water park facilities. We make every attempt to limit this inconvenience. Facility closures to not entitle you to a refund for either day use or overnight visitors. During these closures, please use our other facilities.

Sewer Connections require a tight seal by a Sewer Donut (or Sewer Ring) or a screw-type connection.

Ground Disposal of any drain water (gray or black) is prohibited by State Law. Wastewater from RVs (including sink water) must be disposed of into sewer drains.

Never Swim Alone. A minimum of two adults, 18 years of age or older, must be present whenever this swimming facility is in use, with at least one adult on the pool deck or beachfront. There is no substitute for adequate supervision. Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied to the bathing facility by a parent or guardian, or similar adult responsible for their safety and behavior.

Adult Supervision: All children under the age of 14 must be directly supervised by an adult (18 years or older) while on Jellystone Park™ property. Any child under 12 years of age require adult supervision around any of the swimming areas.

Fireworks & Firearms are prohibited on Jellystone Park property, includes BB, Airsoft and Pellet guns.

Quiet Time is 10:00pm to 8:00am. Loud or offensive noises or ill-mannered conduct will not be tolerated at any time.

Smoking is not allowed in any Jellystone Park buildings, pool or playground area.

Speed Limit is 5-1/2MPH. Please observe our speed limit to ensure the safety of all our guests.

Boat Rentals are only available from 10:00am to 6:00pm.

Day Use: During our high season (Memorial Day through Labor Day), we do not allow Day Use guests on Saturday or Holiday weekends. Please call for details.

Visitors: Your visitors are always welcome at Jellystone Park, as long as they register at our Ranger Station. Registered guests and their visitors are expected to read and adhere to all Campground Guidelines. All visitors must register, pay Day-Use fees, if applicable, and leave the resort by 10:00pm.

Pets are welcome but must be on leashes or inside at all times and must not be left unattended. Due to health codes, pets are not allowed in, or near, any buildings, bathrooms, pool or playground areas. They cannot be left outside and must be in your RV. They must always be on a leash and walked by a responsible person to pick up after them immediately.

On behalf of each person in my party, I grant Jellystone Park and its affiliated entities and promotional partners the right to include any photographic, video, and other visual portrayals of each person in my party in any medium and or any purpose.